SCI is the largest hunting organization in the world, that supports the rights of hunters and the freedom to hunt, while protecting all the game species of the world for future generations to enjoy.

Manitoba SCI, your chapter, continues to fund local as well as national and international projects, helping SCI’s mandate of protecting the hunter and the game animals we pursue, with projects funded on all three levels, including conservation (moose decoy, dog vest), educational (Provincal hunting day, local and international school programs, sensory safari) and humanitarian (hunters feeding the hungry, wounded warriors project, blue bags to Africa and Argentina). Safari Club International – First for Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

SCI and your SCI Manitoba chapter through projects that YOU help fund, show leadership in wildlife conservation and this in turn will allow wildlife to thrive and renew so that all can enjoy for many future generations that will follow. Please consider joining us at Manitoba SCI and help us continue to protect the rights of hunters and promote wildlife conservation.

Remember to always Live, Love, Laugh and HUNT!

-John Fidler, President, Manitoba SCI