In December of 2009 a group of men and women met to discuss the benefits of Manitoba hunters becoming involved in an international organization focused on the rights of hunters and conservation at a worldwide level. This was the motivation to start the Manitoba Chapter of SCI.

Years later, SCI Manitoba has a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time serving on the board representing the SCI membership by working collaboratively with other like-minded Manitoba organizations promoting our hunting heritage.

Current Board Members

John Fidler, President
John has been involved in hunting and fishing all his life. He started at an early age, and after passing the hunter safety course in Manitoba in 1976, started a journey that he continues to this day. Since then, he has hunted every year in Manitoba, as well as hunting in most of the Canadian provinces. He started hunting big game internationally in 1983, with a Brown Bear and Caribou hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula, and has over 40 hunts in other states (11) and provinces (4). He has also hunted numerous times in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America, and currently has trips planned to BC, Africa, Spain, Mongolia and Azerbiajan.

His goal is to get his Grand Slam, and he has a good start, as he drew the only non-resident tag out of 479 applicants for a Desert Bighorn, the toughest draw in North American hunting, connecting with a nice ram after hunting for over 20 days in the toughest unit, losing over 28 pounds in the process. He is also trying to complete his NA 29, as well as hunting and exploring in other parts of the world.

John has been a member of SCI for since the eighties, and holds life member ship #5578. He strongly believes that conservation of the worlds wildlife will be achieved through the utilization of the renewal resource, with sport hunting as one of the best methods of do this and securing a place for wildife for future generations. SCI is the world leader in the conservation of wildlife and protection of the hunters through-out the world. He is proud to be a member of this organization.

Besides SCI, John is a Life member of Grand Slam Club / Ovis, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as well as holding memberships in DU, MWF, FNAWS, and others.

John is married to Della, and he is President and CEO of Chas. Fidler & Son Ltd, a leading promotional products distributor based out of Selkirk, Manitoba.

John Krupinski, Director
It is an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of the Manitoba Chapter of Safari Club International. I believe that it is our duty as hunters to support conservation efforts and promote hunting/shooting activities in the Province. I have provided my support by serving as Secretary Treasurer of Wild Gobblers Unlimited and as the Chapter President of National Wild Turkey Federation in Manitoba.

I believe that Safari Club International has an important role to play in the province working with other like minded organizations, supporting those activities that are so important to us as hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in Manitoba.

Dale Longstreet, Chapter Treasurer
We’re going where? ….. to hunt for what?…. To fish for what?……… I’M IN!
Thanks Dad for getting me hooked, thanks to my wife for letting me go, thanks to SCI for looking out for me and our futures in the outdoors.