Fight For The Rights of Hunters

Manitoba SCI is made up of a group of individuals who have come together to promote and protect the rights of hunters and wildlife conservation at a worldwide level. This was the motivation to start the Manitoba Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI).

Manitoba SCI has a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time serving on the board representing the SCI membership by working collaboratively with other like-minded Manitoba organizations promoting our hunting heritage.

Promoting Wildlife Conservation

Hunters play an important role in conservation. They are the eyes and ears of conservation and are often the first to notice the changes in our woodlands and forests.

The effects of a long hard winter on deer population, a cold wet spring on a Sharp-tail brood or the impact of predation on moose population does not go unnoticed by hunters and Safari Club International.

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Annual Fundraiser and Banquet

Every year Manitoba Safari Club International proudly holds it’s annual banquet at the Club Regent Casino Hotel! Join us as we come together in the support of hunters and conserving wildlife.

Take part in all the fun and excitement with cocktails and raffle ticket sales, followed by a great dinner! The excitement continues with a Live Auction, Silent Auction & Raffle Draws!

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Manitoba SCI Conservation Partners

Conservation Efforts By SCI

Support the missions and goals of Safari Club International!

North American Program

SCIF promotes science-based wildlife management and conservation activities to provide credible information for wildlife policy and management decisions. In North America, the primary focus is on investigating the impacts predators have on prey populations. A Read more…